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“A regional and cosmopolitan fair towards discovery”

Art Paris continues to live up to its promise as a fervent supporter of the modern and contemporary French art scene, the fair also explores new geographical and formal territories, this year flirting with arts and crafts. “A regional and cosmopolitan fair towards discovery”. This is how Art Paris defines itself, which for its 26th edition welcomes 136 modern and contemporary art galleries from 25 countries (40% of which are foreign). Among the 42 new exhibitors are Ester Schipper (Berlin-Paris), Peter Kilchmann (Zurich-Paris), Meessen DeClercq (Brussels), Michel Rein (Paris-Brussels), Cermak Eisenkraft (Prague), Richard Saltoun (London-Rome), Bienvenu Steinberg& J (New York), Circle Art Agency (Nairobi), Etemad (Tehran) and SohoR e v u e (London). The colourful, voluptuous and generous brushstrokes of Mojé Assefjah, who was born in Tehran and now lives in Munich, oscillate between abstraction and figuration. In these works, halfway between Western vision and Eastern culture, the viewer can sometimes see a real still life, and sometimes a figurative image, sometimes a real still life, sometimes an imaginary landscape.