Habib Farajabadi

Solo Exhibitions

2022 Etemad Gallery 1&2, Tehran, Iran

2021 “CATCH 22”, Duane Thomas Gallery, NewYork, USA

2020 “Merely Stand Up in the Crowd”, TWFineart, Brisbane, Australia

2019 Etemad Gallery 1&2, Tehran, Iran

2019 “Monotone”, GNYP Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2018 “Vis-à-Vis”, Dastan 2, Tehran, Iran

2018 “Mono Extreme”, GNYP Gallery, Berlin, Germany

2016 “How Black”, Dastan 2, Tehran, Iran

2015 “Bright Veil” Series, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2014 “Unnamable”, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2014 “Rummage”, Mottahedan Projects, Dubai, UAE

2013 “On Paper” Series, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2012 “Titbits” Series, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 “Pinch” Series, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010 Gallery Rotor2, Gothenburg, Sweden

2007 Drawing Exhibition, Mirmiran Gallery, Iranian Artists’ Forum, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions

2021 “All I Think About Is You”, Galerie Georg Nothelfer and Kunstsaele Berlin, Berlin, Germany

2021 “Black Square”, Emkan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2019 “We Never Know How High We Are”, Ever Gold [Projects], Los Angles, USA

2018 “3x Sculpture”, GNYP gallery, Berlin, Germany

2017 “Besh Risvig Collection”, Huset for Kunst Og Design, Holstebro, Denmark

2016 “Fearless”, A Fereydoun Ave Project, Total Arts Courtyard (Dubai,UAE) & Lajevardi Foundation (Tehran,Iran)

2015 “Visual Dialogues”, Total Arts Courtyard, Dubai, UAE

2014 “Good News From Iran”, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich, Germany

2014 “The Other Side of Visibility”, Mottahedan Projects, Dubai, UAE

2014 “Contemporary Iranian Art”, Magic of Persia, Levantine Cultural Center, Los Angeles, USA

2013 “Drawing Week 1”, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013 “Good News From Iran”, Galerie Frank Pagès, Geneva, Switzerland

2012 “Words Unveiled”, Galerie Frank Pagès, Geneva, Switzerland

2012 “The Next Generation: Contemporary Iranian Calligraphy”, Galerie Kashya Hildebrand, Zurich, Switzerland

2012 “Alternative Calligraphy”, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 “Summer Collection”, Homa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010 “5th Annual New Generation Painters”, Homa Art Gallery, Pardis Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009 “Good50×70”, LaTriennale Design Museum (Milan, Italy), Norrbottens Museum(Luleå, Sweden)

2009 “2nd Contemporary Drawing Festival”, Dr. Sandouzi Museum and Imam Ali Museum, Tehran, Iran

2008 “Visual Art Festival”, Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran

2007 Illustration Exhibition, Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults, Tehran, Iran

2006 “4th Islamic World International Contemporary Painting Biennial”, Saba Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran

2006 “Visual Art Festival”, Niavaran Artistic Creations Foundation, Tehran, Iran

Fair Booths 

2021 Asian Now, Paris, France

2020 Enter Art Fair, GNYP Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

2019 Ever Gold [Projects] at Art Market San Francisco, USA

2018 Art Geneva, GNYP Gallery, Geneva, Switzerland

2017 Dastan Gallery, Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE

2014 Mottahedan Projects, Art Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2012 Kashiha Gallery, SCOPE Basel, Basel, Switzerland


2019 100 Sculptors of Tomorrow, Kurt Beers, Thames & Hudson Publication, UK