19-22 October 2023

Since 2002, Etemad Gallery has been dedicated to bringing attention to emerging art scenes in Iran. Shedding light on the diverse artistic practices happening within the country, we provide a platform for talents to be recognized, ultimately contributing to a greater understanding and appreciation of contemporary Iranian art. This year, Etemad Gallery will be participating in Asia NOW 2023 with an exhibition featuring the works of seven established Iranian artists: Maryam Ashkanian, Fariba Boroufar, Alireza Elahi, Habib Farajabadi, Alireza Masoumi, Mehrdad Pournazarali, and Mojtaba Tabatabaie. 

Through the inclusion of significant textile-based artists such as Maryam Ashkanian and Fariba Boroufar, we aim to exemplify our commitment in supporting contemporary artistic practises rooted in a rich artisanal heritage and highlight their inseparable connection. To reflect the diverse perspectives brought by the current social and political contexts, we have selected artists Alireza Elahi, Mojtaba Tabatabaie and Mehrdad Pournazarali.

Lastly, to show our continued focus on Abstract art, we showcase captivating works by Alireza Masoumi and Habib Farajabadi. While facilitating connections between artists and Iranian expat collectors, we also aim to demonstrate how the diaspora supports the current Iranian art scene. Through this thoughtfully curated selection, Etemad Gallery aspires to serve as a binding thread, weaving the world together through the power of art.