Alireza Elahi

Alireza Elahi’s abstract paintings are a manifestation of his innermost thoughts, emotions and experiences, rendered in the urban graffiti and wall slogan style. Through the juxtaposition of vibrant and dynamic colors against a neutral backdrop, Elahi crafts his expressive artworks by intuitively peeling away layers of paint, thus creating a sense of spatial continuity.
Within his compositions, Elahi integrates textual elements that span from fragmented sentences to playful observations and intimate narratives. By doing so, he invites the audience to delve into his mental realm and partake in the process of interpretation, exploring the intricate relationship between text and image. Moreover, Elahi encourages contemplation of the intersection between tangible abstract imagery and conceptual ideas, prompting a deeper engagement with his artistic vision.

Born in 1991 in Tehran, Iran

2016 B.A Graphic Design, Azad University of Iran

Solo Exhibitions:
2023     Iron-y, Tehran, Etemad Gallery
2022     Illusive City, Dubai, Foundry 
2021     Buff-tan, Tehran,  Etemad Gallery
2018     Koker, Tehran, Arte Gallery

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2023     Birthing, Tehran, Etemad Gallery
2023     Etemad Collection, Tehran, Etemad Gallery
2023     Middle East perspective, Dubai, Westin 
2023     Group exhibition, London, Espacio Gallery
2022     Where the Rubber Meets the Road, Cologne, Biesenbach Gallery
2021     Art Matters 4 (online), Cologne, Biesenbach Gallery
2021     Group photo exhibition, Kerman, Yadegaran Gallery
2020     Group photo exhibition, Shiraz, Aban Gallery
2020     Way out, France, La Grange
2020     Group exhibition, Kashan, Hasht Cheshmeh
2019     Landscapes Before the Eyes, Tehran, Silk Road Gallery
2016     Group photo exhibition, Tehran, O Gallery
2015     Group photo exhibition, Tehran, Silk Road Gallery

Winner, Art matter4, 2021, Biesenbach Gallery