Le Quotiden de L’art, Asia Now 2021

We had never seen so many in Paris. The Iranian scene will be represented during the next edition of the Asia Now fair, from October 21 to 24 (at the same time as FIAC), by 8 galleries in Tehran, out of the fifty in the city. Chosen by Anahita Vessier and Tatiana Gecmen Waldeck, these are +2 (another brand of the Dastan gallery), Aaran, Ab/Anbar, Ag, Azad Art, Bavan, Etemad, Mohsen, to which is added Saradipour, installed in Mahshahr. They will present a total of around fifteen artists in a scenography designed by Studio Kargah, founded in 2001, which plays a leading role in the conservation of Iranian graphic design. A program of artists’ videos will be dedicated to the poet Forough Farrokhzad (1934-1967) concocted by Odile Burluraux, curator at the Museum of Modern Art in Paris, a selection of artists from the Behnoode Art Foundation, while Sepand Danesh, selected for the French pavilion at the Dubai World Expo, will create a specific sculpture.

“We want to continue to explore what makes Asian scenes so rich,” explains Alexandra Fain, director of the fair. The mission we set for ourselves is to bring under-the-radar artists who participate in the global conversation. I am delighted that many galleries have also played the Iran card, from Hdm to Nathalie Obadia, including the newcomers Félix Frachon or Praz-Delavallade.»