Mojtaba Tabatabaie

“Over the years, painting has been the most exciting way to face the world. Discovering more layers of this media has become an ongoing challenge for me. Painting facilities, its significant interface with social affairs, and recognising the power of painting as a media which can play a significant role in the context of contemporary art; these are my main concerns. This research is not about painting limitation view, but it is from the belief in potential of this media regarding the contemporary interdisciplinary atmosphere. In the past few years, I was painting with this point of view.”

Born in 1966 in Tehran, Iran

B.A. Of Arts in Painting from Tehran Art University 1991, Tehran, Iran.
Graduated in Painting from the school of Fine Arts 1986, Tehran, Iran.

Solo Exhibitions:
2023    Visage, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran. 
2021    Interior/Exterior, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran. 
2018    Red lines and other things, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran. 
2017    and Them, Ars libri gallery, Boston, USA.
2015    Monoptych, State, Triptych, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2012    Nameless, Azad Art Gallery, Painting, Tehran, Iran.
2011    You went on with your dying, Azad Art Gallery, Painting, Tehran, Iran.
2010    Clot, Azad Art Gallery. Painting , Tehran, Iran.
2010    Clot, Azad Art Gallery, Drawing , Tehran, Iran.
2009    Inconveniences, Azad Art Gallery. Painting , Tehran, Iran.
2007    Mah Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.                                           
2005    Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2004    Iranian Artist’s Forum, Tehran, Iran.
2004    Elahe Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2003    Elahe Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2002    Elahe Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.

Group Exhibitions:
2017    Ideology Meets Implementation, W139, Amsterdam, Netherland. 
2013    Speaking from the Heart, Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam, Netherland.   
2012    Pro Art Gallery, Dubai.
2011    Takesh Art Gallery, Isfahan , Iran.
2011    Tehran Monoxide Project, Tehran, Iran.
2011    Die Iranian Ideology, Freies, Museum Berlin, Berlin, Germany.
2011    Canson Project, Sauroy Mansion, , Paris, France.
2011    Matn Art Gallery, Isfahan , Iran.
2011    Body Language, Fa Gallery, Kuwait. 
2010    Jill George Gallery, London, UK.
2010    Iranian Artist’s Forum, Tehran , Iran.
2009    Inside Tehran Out, Aauru, Forum Schloss Platz , Switzerland..
2009    22th  Biennial Illustration, Bratislava.
2009    Roaming Biennial of Tehran, (Urban Jealousy) Belgrade, Serbia.
2008    Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran. 
2008    Iranian Artist’s Forum, Tehran, Iran.
2007    21th Biennial Illustration, Bratislava.
2007    Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran. 
2006    Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2005    Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2004    Contemporary Portrait, Aria Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2004    Iranian Artist’s Forum, Tehran, Iran.
2003    19th  Biennial Illustration, Bratislava.
2002    2nd  Annual Exhibition of  New Art, Tehran, Iran.
2002    2nd Biennial of Asian Illustration BAIJ, Japan.
2002    5th Graphics, Biennial, Tehran, Iran.
2002    5th Illustration Biennial, Tehran, Iran.
1999    4th Illustration Biennial, Tehran, Iran.
1998    1999 Drawing Exhibition, Barg Gallery, Tehran, Iran.
2003    6th Painting Biennial, Tehran, Iran.
1993    2nd  Painting Biennial, Tehran, Iran.

Member of society of Iranian Painters (SIP)