Fariba Boroufar

Her works are inspired by the inner traditions and culture of her homeland. They are woven memories, born from the sensory experiences she has gained during her travels while encountering Iranian architecture from past centuries. The forms and colors she uses are meant to represent the decaying beauty of these abandoned structures, which is a stark contrast to the architecture of the recent living spaces and habitats.
Born in 1975 in Tehran, Iran

1994   Sculpturing diploma from Fine Arts School-Tehran-Iran
1996   Graphics BA from Al-Zahra University-Tehran-Iran
2004   MA in Illustration from Art University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran

2012   Toyama Poster Biennale, National Museum of Japan
2013   Tehran Expo of Photos, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran, Iran
2016   Group Exhibition of the House’s White Wall, Tehran, Iran
2016   Illustration Exhibition of Swing Seat of Painting in support of ill children 
2016   Niavaran Cultural Center, Tehran, Iran
2017   7th Exhibition of “Persbook” Contemporary Art, Isfahan, Iran
2017   First Festival of “Nafas” Visual Arts relating to organ donation, Iranian Artists Forum
2018   Group Exhibition of ColoRhythm, Saless Gallery
2019   Solo Tapestry Exhibition of Discontinuity, Saless Gallery
2019   First Exhibition of ArtP, Farmanfarma Gallery
2019   The artist was invited to the 9th “Persbook” titled Hyrcanian Forests, Darzikola, Sari
2019   “PatterniTecture” Exhibition (use of patterns in human-made environments)
2019   Niavaran Culture Center, (The selected artist of juries as regards public part)
2020   The artist was invited to the 10th Annual of “Persbook” titled “Dastkar”, Kashan, Iran
2020   Sculpture Biennale of Tehran, Vahdat Hall
2020   6th Exhibition of Small-sized Works, Arya Gallery
2020   Online Exhibition of Tapestry, Sa’dabad Gallery
2021   Group Exhibition of Sutra, Maryam Gallery, Kashan, Iran
2021   Group Exhibition of “A Woman Behind The net Curtain”, Shirin Gallery
2021   Performance & display of Work 1 for 1 week, E1 Gallery
2022   Com-pilation, Fariba Boroufar & Nasrin Malek Sabet, Plus 2 Gallery, Dastan, Tehran, Iran 
2022   Azadi Innovation Factory, 7th & 8th, the display & speech of Work 1 & speech, Tehran, Iran
2022   Istanbul Art Fair (IAF), Istanbul

Work Experiences:
2000   Collaborating in the field of book and magazine publication (The illustrator of children’s & teens’ books
2000-2003     Graphic designer of “Soroush” Publication’s Weekly and Teens Magazine, Tehran, Iran
2002   Illustration expert of Iran’s Education Ministry, Tehran, Iran
2004-2008     Expert in charge and artistic director of Quds Daily, Mashhad, Iran
2012   Faculty member of Islamic Azad University headquarter and units, Mashhad, Iran
2012   Artistic director and advisor of “Shahryar News”, Mashhad, Iran
2014   Inauguration of weaving and tapestry
2015-2019     Collaborating with Tehran Municipality’s Beautification Organization & designing and performance of volumetric works and graffiti, Tehran, Iran
2019   Designing and performing tapestry works for private collection

Interview & Talking: 
2019   Caught in trap, a note on Discontinuity Exhibition, Avam, Virtual Arts Analytical Scholarly News Magazine, Tehran, Iran
2019   A tapestry-related criticism on Iranian architecture trouble, Farina Baroufar’s narration of Discontinuity Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2022   Farina Boroufar ”ArteMorbida,” Textile Art Magazine, Italy
2022   Com-Pilation- Aidin Khankeshipour & Fariba Boroufar, Tehran, Filnameh, Iran 
The Member of Iranian illustrator’s society (IIS)