Alireza Masoumi

These drawings have appeared in the correlation between mundaneness of the everyday life and the mystery of nature through the basic elements of visual art, sketched by the rhythm of the dots and lines.

Born in 1978 in Cardiff, UK
Lives and works between Tehran and London 

Entered Tehran Azad University in 1996 to study Engineering but eventually gave up on taking on his lifelong interest in painting. 

Solo Exhibitions:
2021    “Nowherescape” – O Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018    “Through the car windows”-Assar Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016    “Nowherescape”- The Third Line Gallery, Dubai
2012    Etemad Gallery- Tehran, Iran
2010    Etemad Gallery- Tehran, Iran
2008    Carbon12 Gallery,Dubai_UAE
2006    Assar Gallery, Tehran – Iran
2005    B21Gallery, Dubai – UAE
2003    Golestan Gallery, (The show focused at that time on my latest works many of which were inspired during my several trips to different parts of Iran), Tehran – Iran
2001    Elahe Gallery, Tehran – Iran

Group Exhibitions:
2022    Sahar Khanblouki Gallery, Toronto, Canada
2017    Farmanfarma art gallery, Tehran, Iran
2017    Surface art project (sculptures), Tehran
2017     Galerie Nicolas Flamel, Become the Sky, Paris, France
2016     Etemead Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014     Final Encore 2, Dastan Basement, Tehran, Iran
2012     Pardis Mellat Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2008     Mall Gallery, LONDON-UK
2008     Laleh June gallery, BASEL-SWITZERLAND
2007    ART LONDON, London – UK
2007    Collected Memories, Art Space Gallery, London – UK
2006   Wishes and Dreams, Meridian International Center, Washington DC – USA
2005  Mah Gallery, Tehran – Iran
2004   Gardens of Iran; Ancient Wisdom, New Visions, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran-Iran
2004   For Bam, Khaneh Honarmandan ( Tehran Contemporary Art Center ), Tehran – Iran
2003   6th Tehran Contemporary Painting Biennial
2003   Museum of  Contemporary Art  – Tehran, Iran
2002   Atashzad Gallery, Sajadeha , Tehran- Iran
2002   Golestan Gallery, Tehran – Iran
2000   Assar Gallery, Tehran – Iran
1999   Elahe Gallery, Tehran – Iran

2001   German Embassy, Tehran – Iran
2001   Rokni Haerizadeh & Alireza Massoumi