Eternal Statues – Ashkan Behjou

June 21 – July 09, 2024

Sculptural architecture is a style of architectural design in which the architect creates a building that resembles a gigantic statue and places it within the urban landscape. While this type of design is not commonly seen in modern architecture, in the past, many significant structures such as mosques, churches, temples, and palaces were designed and constructed in this manner to make a striking impression within the city. The sculptural quality has bestowed these structures with a mythical and legendary aura over time. While enduring the changes that have altered the face of cities and their inhabitants, these eternal statues have remained as serene and unwavering witnesses to change. Upon closer inspection of these statue-like structures, one may discern ghostly presences of human figures, living creatures, or even devices for producing color and sound.
In this collection, inspired by these types of structures, I have endeavored to create works that evoke their legendary quality while also examining contemporary human relationships and social events.