Alienation – Ghodratollah Agheli

August 12 – September 4, 2022

The present age is one of the individual syntheses. An era where artists express their personal perceptions and beliefs of the world surrounding them. Collective movements have seemingly disappeared, leaving us alienated from each other while encountering an influx of personal themes and trends.

There is no longer a predominant aesthetic philosophy. Modernism has ended and according to visual art critics, the postmodern critique of it is no longer a trend for now the contemporary artist is preoccupied with connecting to a universal audience.

Along this course, some paths coincide while others differ. Meanwhile, establishing a relationship between historical styles and traditional values with new concepts and methods has become a new way of expressing tradition, narrative, and creativity, yet done in an entirely different way compared to the past. When these elements are combined, they reach proportions with the power to evoke different feelings and emotions in the viewer.

At times, the contemporary artist focuses on classical aesthetics using it as an ideological pattern in a unique manner. As if believing in an eternal realm parallel to this world, where by calling upon ancient peace, he challenges the awkward alienation of modernism.