Sima Chavooshi

Born in Iran 1984


Harvard University | 2020-2021

+ Higher Education Teaching | Urbanism

McGill University | 2011-12

+ Master Of Architecture, M.Arch

University Of Manitoba | 2006-11

+ Bachelor Of Environmental Design

Other Trainings

+ MaRS Discovery District | Startup Workshops | 2015-16

+ Professional Interior Designers Institute of Manitoba | Building Code | 2011

Public Speaking:

+ University of Toronto | Guest Speaker | Cities of the Future Symposium | 2017

+ Urban Land Institute Toronto | Guest Speaker | Young Leader Exchange | 2018

+ North American New Apartment Construction and Mixed-Use Symposium

Guest Speaker | Architects & Technology | 2017

+ Massey College | Program Chair | IPD and Lean Practices | 2016

Artistic approach:

I’m fascinated by depths. Finding depths. Creating depths. I get lost in search of extra dimensions beyond space and time; not by choice or deliberate intentions but perhaps by some form of a subconscious curiosity.

I explore giving the flat drawing some depth and bringing it to life as an art piece. I engage light as a material and use time as a dimension in the drawing. As day light penetrates the piece, its depth is animated through a range of shades and shadows and the act of drawing is perpetually continued according to the lighting condition. The drawing then lives its unique life according to the time and place it is hosted in. A plane of existence is added to the drawing.

Art experience:

From 2007 to 2010, Sima completed her design Studies at The University of Manitoba. During this time she created numerous constructed drawings exploring space and multidimensional perspectives and was praised for her experimental art work at the school. This is where she trained her artistic eye and intuition while she gained skills in execution and craft.

In 2008, her design practice began with a collaborative film-set design for a fiction film named “High-Seas”.

In 2009, she was the stage designer for two concerts in Winnipeg.

In 2009, along with her partner, she had her first photography exhibition at the GoSA Gallery, Winnipeg. In 2010, Exploring her style and character as a designer, she started creating clothing. Her ready-to-wear designs were well received and she was encouraged to pursue fashion along the side of her passion for architecture. From 2011 to 2012, Sima completed her Architecture studies at McGill University where her research focused on curating a synergy between phenomenology, computational design and design for health.

In 2013, she won her first fashion award; the Grand Prize at the Soleil Savvy competition.

In 2018, she got her first pieces of furniture, Elg Chair and Tee Chair, finalized for manufacturing.

In 2019, she arranged her first art exhibit of architectural sculptures at the Design TO festival.

In 2023, she exhibited her first painting collection in collaboration with Mostafa Dashti at Etemad Gallery.


National Head of Strategy for Canada | 2016-17

Humphreys & Partners Architects, Toronto and Edmonton, Canada

+ Acquired, cultivated and managed a significant client base of over 1200 active contacts

from 713 accounts across Canada

+ Developed 32 CNBs, Cultivated New Business

+ Developed a pipeline of about $18M in contracts

+ Formed strategic partnerships and submitted RFPs

+ Partnered with and participated in thought leadership conferences across Canada

Design Director & Business Development Director | 2013-16

Smith Group Architects CNA, Chengdu & Shanghai, China

Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE), New Campus

+ location: Loujiang, China | area: 504,000 m² | program: teaching facilities, library, student residence, canteen, sports center| client: Tianfu College of South West University of Finance and Economics

Chengdu Smart Park and Mixed Use Development

+ location: Chengdu, China |area: 160,000 m² | program: tech startup offices,

broadcasting centre, 3D Film studios, 3D projection swimming pool, 4D game centres | clients: Apelles Pictures. Oak Pacific Interactive. Meixun Machinery Co., Ltd.

Intercontinental Hotel, Office and Retail Complex at Qing Huang Si

+ location: Chengdu, China | area: 437,600 m² | program: hotel, office, retail, residential, public space | client: Yongan Construction Group Ltd.

China Railway Southwest Headquarters, Office Complex

+ location: Chengdu, China |area: 148,000 m²(ph.A), 280,000 m² (ph.B) | program: office, hotel, shopping centre | client: SAGA Organization

Marriott Hotel, Six Senses Resort and Villas

+ location: Emei Mountain, China | area: 72,000 m² | program: hotel and resort | client: Legend Hotel Design Consultants

DaYuan Commercial and Residential Development

+ location: Chengdu, China | area: 482,000 m²| program: residential, hotel, office, retail

Shudu New Town, High Density Mixed-Use

+ location: Chengdu, China | area: 256,085 m² | program: residential, office, hotel, retail| client:

Apelles Pictures.

Co-Founder | 2012 – now

Rhends Design and Research Office, Toronto, Canada

Fort Garry Smart Campus of the Future, Winnipeg

+ Received an honorary recognition from the Mayor of Winnipeg, Sam Katz, and the University

of Manitoba for the research. The project proposed retrofitting the University of Manitobas Fort Garry Campus with a solar updraft tower (SUT) and inhabitable ground collectors. The SUT renewable energy power-plant will provide electricity for a net zero campus.

Victoria Hospital Abortion Clinic, Montreal

+ Built as an insertion to the body of an eighteenth century womens hospital. This project

responds to the emotional and physical pain that a person going through the abortion experience through programming, sequencing and the built form attributes of space making.

Crisis Hospital Prototype For e Red Cross, Jacmel, Haiti

+ The project advanced a new approach in designing hospitals in areas of the world most prone to natural disasters whose small population does not allow for large permanent health care infrastructure needed should the inevitable happen.

21 Differentiating Factors In Designing An Apartment vs. A Condominium, Toronto

+ This is a design study of current purpose-built rental development practices in the GTA based analyzing those designed or built since 2011 in the area. It is produced as a lens to identify condomentality-driven design mistakes in current purpose-built rental developments undergoing in the GTA. The aim is to picture the contrast in design principals employed for the two distinct multifamily products of apartments vs condominiums.