Shiva Kakavandi

2017   MFA in painting, Tehran University of Art.

Member of the Association of Iranian Painters (AIP).


2020    Solo Exhibition, Ultimate Order, Etemad Gallery, Tehran.

2020    Group Exhibition, On paper, Etemad Gallery, Tehran.

2020    Selected Works – Archive, Artibition Gallery, Tehran.

2019    Group Exhibition- Association of Iranian Painters, Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran.

2018    Annual selling exhibition, Ace Gallery, Tehran.

2017    The 9th Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts, Contemporary Art Museum, Tehran. 

2017    The second student painting festival (Jokal), Pardis-e-Mellat, Tehran.

2017    Annual selling exhibition, Knack Gallery, Tehran.

2016    The 8th Fajr International Festival of Visual Arts, Saba academy, Tehran.

2016    Iranian Contemporary Visual Artists Exhibition, (Full Color), Iranian Artists Forum, Tehran.

2016    The First student painting festival (Jokal), Pardis-e-Mellat Tehran.

2016    Print making exhibition, Cultural Section of the Embassy of Côte d’Ivoire, Tehran.

2015    The second exhibition of (Versus) (with an installation), Niyavaran Gallery Center, Tehran.

2015    Exhibition of visual arts festival of (Patogh), Tehran.

2015    (Mirrors), Aknoon Gallery, Tehran.

2014    Group Painting exhibition, Isfahan Central Library Gallery.

2014    Group Painting exhibition, Hojabre Gallery, Khoram Abad.

2013    Group Painting exhibition, Soureh Gallery, Isfahan.