Shahram Karimi

Born 1957 in Shiraz, Iran

Lives and has worked since 1988 in Germany and New York, USA


2021       Auction House Tehran, Iran

2020       Phillip auction London UK

2020       Auction House Dorotheum, Austria

2020       Self- reflection.New York, USA

2020       Auction House Tehran, Iran

2019       I lost myself  somewhere, Gallery Etemad Tehran, Iran

2019       PINK Dreams in a Land with no Name, Gallery Elga Wimmer New York, USA

2019       Auction House Tehran, Iran

2017       The Garden is My Skin, Kunsthaus Troisdorf, Germany

2016       The Cold Earth Sleeps Below (in Collaboration with Shoja Azari), Leila Heller Gallery, 
                New York, USA

2015       Remembrance , Gallery Syra, Washington D.C., USA

2015       Longing for Myself, Brigitte Schenk Gallery, Germany

2015       Open the Door, Kunsthaus Troisdorf, Germany

2014       The Rose Garden of Remembrance, Mah Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2013       Magic of Light, Mana Contemporary, Jersey city, NJ USA

2011       The Rose Garden of Remembrance, Leila Hella Gallery, New York, USA

2010       Museum Siegburg, Germany

2008       Brigitte Schenk Gallery, Cologne, Germany

2008       Gallery Leo Castelli, New York, USA

2006       Gallery II Gabbiano, Rome, Italy

2006       Art Basel Galerie Marco Noire, San Sebastiano / Turin, Italy

2005       Kölner Stadt Anzeiger, Cologne, Germany

2004       Studio Shirin Neshat in New York, USA

2001       Pumpwerk, Siegburg, Germany

1998       Museum Siegburg, Germany

1987       Gallery Taehr, Shiraz, Iran

1981/86 Gallery Wesal, Shiraz, Iran


2020       On Paper, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran      

2018       Azad Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2018       The World is My Home, ADVOCARTSY, LA. USA

2018       Art Cologne, Brigitte Schenk Gallery, Cologne, Germany

2016       Art Cologne, Brigitte Schenk Gallery, Cologne, Germany

2015       Abu Dhabi Art, Brigitte Schenk Gallery, Cologne, Germany

2014       Look at Me, Leila Heller Gallery, New York, USA

2014       Art Fair Dubai, UAE

2012       The Elephant in the Dark, Devi Art Foundation, India

2012       Magic of Persia, Dubai, UAE

2011       The Mask & The Mirror, curated by Shirin Neshat, Leila Heller Gallery Art Dubai,   
                Brigitte  Schenk Gallery

2011       Art Cologne, Brigitte Schenk Gallery, Germany 

2010       Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE

2010       Art Cologne, Germany

2009       Chelsea Art Museum, New York, USA 

2009       Art Cologne, Germany

2009       Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE 

2008       Art Paris, Abu Dhabi, UAE

2009       Gallery Taginia, New York, USA 

2009       Art Fair Miami, USA

2009       Art Fair Bologna, Italy 

2007       Art Fair Bologna, Italy

2006       Museum Las Palma (CAAM), Spain

2006       ART20 The International Art Fair New York, USA

2003       “Poetic Justice”, the 8th International Istanbul Biennial, Istanbul, Turkey

2003       Gallery of Contemporary Arts in Pancevo, Yugoslavia

2001       Grosse Kunstausstellung NRW, Düsseldorf, Germany 

2001       Kunstverein Aschaffenburg, Germany

2000       “25 Years of Separation”, Iranian Cultural Center, Los Angeles, USA

2000       Kunstverein Aschaffenburg, Germany

1997       Kunstverein Aschaffenburg, Germany

1994       Kunstforum Bonn, Germany

1979       Museum of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran

1976       Gallery Takhte Jamshid, Tehran, Iran


Shahram Karimi has collaborated with the visual artist/filmmaker, Shirin Neshat as the key production designer for the following films:

2012       “Desert Dancer” Richard Raymond

2010       “To Be and Not To Be” Filmmaker Nederland/Frank Schaffer

2008       “The White Meadow” Iran/Mohammad Rasoulof

2007       “Women Without Men”

2003       05 Feature length film “Women Without Men”, shot in Morocco

2003       “The Last Word”, Shot in New York

2002       04 “Logic of the Birds”, a multi-­‐media performance, USA and European tour

2002      “Tooba”, Shot in Mexico

2001      “Passage”, “Possessed”, “Pulse”, Shot in Morocco, Film “K” in the US

2000      “Fervor”, shot in Morocco

1999      “Soliloquy”, shot in Turkey

1999      “Under the Sun” Pasoulini film production, shot in Egypt

Shahram Karimi has also been the production designer for American filmmaker Shoja Azari in several of his productions, including his feature length film “K” (2002) and “Windows” (2006)


2009      Golden Lion for Women without Men

2009      Special Jury Prize Award Dubai Film Festival

2009      The White Meadows, Mohammad Rasoulof

1997      First Prize “Art Price” Rhein-­‐Siege V, Germany