Saeed Nodehi

1982 Born in / Tehran / Iran

Painter / Curator / Teacher

2011  M.A painting.  Art & Architecture University

2007  B.A painting. Art &Architecture University  

Member of society Iranian painters [SIP]

Member of society alborz painters

Founding member of the society of Alborz painters

Head of the society of Alborz painters

Solo Exhibitions:

2021 solo painting Exhibition/ Fantasy / Etemad Gallery /Tehran/ Iran

2016 solo painting Exhibition/ c” like carrot  w” like weapon/ Etemad Gallery /Tehran/ Iran

2014 Solo Painting Exhibition/floral borders / Etemad Gallery/ Tehran/ Iran

2011 Solo drawing Exhibition/Virtual fingers/ Etemad Gallery / Tehran/ Iran

2009 Solo Painting Exhibition/ Metamorphosis /  Etemad Gallery/ Tehran/  Iran 

Selected Group Exhibition 

2021Group Exhibition / The discourse of Persian Art & Contemporary Iranian Art / Powerlong Art Center / Shanghai / China 

2021 Group Exhibition/ Transitions / sharifartGallery / Tehran 

2021 Group painting Exhibition/ Celebrity portrait/ arte design Gallery / Tehran 

2020 Group Exhibition/ on paper / Etemad Gallery / Tehran 

2020 Group Exhibition/ postcard / sayeh Gallery / Tehran 

2019 Group Exhibition /Symmetry / Seyhoun art Gallery /tehran

2019   Group painting Exhibition / PASPORT / Jaleh gallery / Tehtan/ Iran

2018   Group Exhibition / Terait / sales gallery/Tehran /Iran

2018 Group Exhibition/Drawing as living / Iranian artists forum/Tehran/ Iran

2018 Group Exhibition/   1001 plates   / Iranshahr gallery /Tehran /Iran 

2017 Group Exhibition / harmonic center gallery / Karaj / Iran

2016 Group Exhibition/ Hole/ Feresteh gallery / Tehran

2016 Group Exhibition/ Iranshahr / Pardis Mellat gallery / Tehran / Iran

2016 Group Exhibition/ society Iranian painters/ Iranian artists forum/Tehran/ Iran

2015 Group Exhibition / Etemad gallery/Tehran/ Iran


2014 Group painting Exhibition/TAKHTI / Shirin gallery/Tehran/ Iran

2014 Group illustration Exhibition/ Panjereh gallery/Tehran/ Iran

2013 Group painting Exhibition/ HISTORY GAME/ Etemad gallery/Tehran/ Iran

2013 Group drawing Exhibition/ INVERSION/ Dastan s basement gallery/Tehran/ Iran

2013 Group painting Exhibition/THE OTHER/ Shirin gallery/Tehran/ Iran

2013  Coca Mashadi /Arte gallery/Tehran/ Iran

2013 Group drawing Exhibition/Hoor gallery/Tehran/ Iran

2013 Group Exhibition/igreg gallery/Tehran/ Iran

2013 Group Exhibition/Sheila gallerys third anniversary/Tehran/ Iran

2012 The first painting & sculpture annual exhibition/ Iranian artists forum/Tehran/ Iran

2012   the second Tehran painting market/ saba/Tehran/ Iran

2012   Group drawing Exhibition/ EVENTS/ Day Gallery/Tehran/ Iran

2011 Group Exhibition/ART WORKS FROM TO KNOWN ART COLLECTORS/Golestan Gallery /Tehran/ Iran

2011 Group drawing Exhibition/HUMAN TOWARD NULLITY/ Hoor Gallery /Tehran/ Iran

2011 Group Painting Exhibition/PORT-RAIT 13*18/ Etemad Gallery /Tehran/ Iran

2011 Group Painting Exhibition/ Apadana Gallery (Esfahan) / Iran

2011 Fifth Honarjavan (Young Art) Visual Arts Festival / Illustration / Saba /Tehran/ Iran

2009Group Painting Exhibition/ Momayyez Gallery / Artist’s House/Tehran/ Iran 

2009 New Generation Selection/ Fourth Course / Pardis Mellat /Tehran/ Iran

2009 Second Contemporary Iran Drawing Festival/ Emam Ali Museum /Tehran/ Iran

2009 Group Painting Exhibition/ Aran Gallery /Tehran/ Iran

2009 First Fajr Visual Arts Festival/ Contemporary Arts Museum /Tehran/ Iran

2008 Fourth Honarjavan (Young Art) Visual Arts Festival / Art Section /Tehran/ Iran

2008 New Generation Selection/ Third Course / Niavaran Palace/Tehran/ Iran

2008Group Painting Exhibition/ Aghili Gallery/Tehran/ Iran

2008 Group Painting Exhibition/ Laleh Gallery /Tehran/ Iran

Exhibition curator:

2021 Group Exhibition / Coca Mashadi 2 / Saless gallery /Tehran

2021 Group painting Exhibition/ Celebrity portrait/ arte design Gallery / Tehran 

2019 Group painting Exhibition/PASSPORT/ Jalleh Gallery /tehran

2018 Group  Exhibition/ Traid/ saless Gallery / tehran

2018  Group  Exhibition/ A slice of karaj / apadana Gallery / esfehan /

2013 Group Exhibition / Coca Mashadi /Arte gallery/Tehran/ Iran


2011 First Appreciated Work in Fifth Honarjavan (Young Art) Visual Arts Festival / Illustration (Identity) / Iran


Handicrafts، manifestation of a symbolical expression / 4 BAG. The seasonal magazine / 4th year /no.9/ autumn &

 Winter 1391