Ramtin Zad

Ramtin Zad, (b. 1984, Tehran, Iran) employs familiar mythical and fictional characters to represent the struggles of modern-day through an imaginary world. As of a contemporary storyteller, Zad’s artistic practice restate the story of perpetual battles and continues problematics of human, joint with gallows humour. By incorporating a real sense of fantasy in nature, animals and humans, as well as cartoon characters he paints a world liberated from such struggles. While engaging with both historical and contemporary allegory in his work, Ramtin Zad renders the subjects he paints a quality of timelessness.

BA in Graphic Design, Jahad University, Tehran, Iran

Art Diploma, Payam Moasser Tehran School, Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions:

2018 Smile,Etemad Gallery (Negarestan Museum),Tehran,Iran

2017 Salsali Private Museum,Dubai,UAE

2014 Nocturnal, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2012 Resurrection, Etemad Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2010 Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009 Total Art Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2008 Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2007 Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Art Fairs:

2019 TeerArt, Tehran, Iran

2015 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE

2014 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE

2013 Tehran Auction, Tehran, Iran

2013 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE

2012 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE

2011 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey

2011 Art Dubai, Dubai, UAE

2010 Contemporary Istanbul Art Fair, Istanbul, Turkey

Selected Group Exhibitions:

2019 Liberte Liberte Cherie, Musee Galerie Lympia, Nice, France

2018 Animal Party,Kamil Gallery,Monaco

2014 Jungle,study#4,Dastan’s Basement , Tehrani,Iran

2013 Paper Works, curated by Fereydoun Ave, Etemad Gallery, Dubai, UAE

2012 Beijing International Art Biennale, China

2012 Portrait, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran,Iran

2011 Pool, Mohsen Gallery, Tehran,Iran

2011 13X18, Etmad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2011 1st Modern & Contemporary Visual art auction, Tehran, Iran

2010 Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2010 Jungle 3, Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2009 Canvas Line Gallery, New York, USA

2009 Jungle 1, Hesabi Museum, Tehran, Iran

2008 Dar-al Fonoon, Kuwait

2008  The Nili Gallery, London, UK

2008 Golestan Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2007 Collected Memories, Art Space Gallery, London, UK

2007 Mah Gallery, Tehran, Iran

2007 June Gallery, Basel, Switzerland

2006 Figures & Portraits, Assar Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran


2010 EYE#28,Mahriz Publication,Iran