Ebrahim Haghighi

Born in Tehran, Iran.

M.A. in Architecture, Faculty of Arts, Tehran University
Member of “Alliance Graphique Internationale” (AGI)
Member of the board of “Iranian Graphic Designers Society” (IGDS)
Member of the “Iranian Documentary Film Makers Society”
Member of the “Iranian Association for Illustrators of Children’s Book”

Present Professor of Graphic Arts at: Tehran University; Farabi University; University of Art; College of Tehran Television and Cinema; Azad Islamic University of Iran.

Beginning of professional activities in graphic arts.
Director of the following 35 mm documentaries.

Silver Award for the first Young Film-makers Festival (ABU) for “Stranger”.
Silver Award at the second Young Film-makers Festival (ABU) “Cloudy Home”.
Individual graphic arts exhibition, Tehran.

BAROON (The Rain), poetry of Ahmad Shamlou
GHESEYE DARVAZE BAKHT (The Tale of the Gate of Fortune) Tale by Ahmad Shamlou, Amir Kabir Publications These books were reprinted by two other publishing houses in the 2000s.

Participation at Borno lnt’l Graphic Art Exhibition.

Participation in the First Asian Graphic Art Exhibition.
Stage design and costume design for the films. Production design for ten episodes of the animated TV Series.
Best Award in the feature film demo category at the sixth Fajr Film Festival for “Cold Roads”.
Best Award for book cover artwork “Othello” at the first Iranian graphic arts exhibition.

Special diploma (best graphic designer) at the second Iran Graphic Arts Exhibition.
Individual exhibition, Batik painting, Tehran.

Participation in the first “Asian Children Book Illustrators” and member of the selection committee for that exhibition.

Nominated at Chaummon Movie Poster Festival (France).
Participation at Iranian Movie Poster Exhibition in Vienna (Austria).
Participation at the first bi-annual painting exhibition (Iran) at contemporary Arts Museum.
Participation at “Portrait in Contemporary Art Exhibition” Contemporary Arts Museum, Tehran.
Individual exhibition of lino-cut engraving and lithography, Golestan Gallery, Tehran.
Individual Pastel Painting Exhibition, Golestan Gallery.
Individual Poster Show (1971-1993 selections), Arya Gallery,Tehran.
Participation in the fourth bi-annual Iran Graphic Arts Exhibition at Contemporary Arts Museum.

NESHANE HAYE HAGHIGHI: (Haghighi’s Logos: Collection of Cultural and Commercial Logos, 1971-1994). Haft Rang Publications Foreworded by Morteza Momayez. The book was updated and reprinted in 2003 and 2004.
Selection of 25 Years Poster Design Exhibition, Saint Etien, France.
Exhibition of Painting on Photographs by Maryam Zandi, Golestan Gallery.
Winner for “Tic, Tac” Poster as the best in 14th Fajr Film Festival.
Publish The First Edition of “The Signs”. Cultural Symbols & Trademarks Book.

Individual painting “silk screen” exhibition, Aria Gallery.

Individual exhibition of calligraphic paintings (silk screen), Golestan Gallery.
Member of juries for the graphic 2nd. exhibition of Tehran’s Blue Sky.

1998 -2001 
Member of juries for the First – 4th Iran Print Industries Festival.
Individual exhibition of design for “Gabbeh”.
Best Award for the poster of (Iranian Anti-Narcotics Propaganda Commission).

PHOTOPAINTS (AAKKASHI) Paints on Maryam Zandi’s Photos of Iranian Artists.
Member of juries for the Second Print Industries Festival.
Member of juries for the 3rd. Iranian Journal Festival.
Member of juries for the Third “Feature Film Photographs Exhibition” by Iran Cinema House.
Member of juries & selection committee for the Sixth Biennial of Iranian Graphic Designers.

Group exhibition of calligraphic paintings (silk screen), Kief – Ukraine , Washington – USA
Individual exhibition of 30 Years Book Covers Design , Tehran

AKKASHI (Paintography), a collection of the paintings on the Iranian Artists Photograpy by Maryam Zandi, Haft Rang Publications.

Glass Works exhibition , Golestan Gallery.

General Secretary of “The 8th Tehran International Poster Biennial”

KHAT NEGAREHA (Calligraphic Illustrations), Haft Rang Publications, with a foreword by Mohammad-Ebrahim Jafari and conversations with Morteza Momayez, Rooyin Pakbaz, Sayid Shahlapoor, and Nossratolah Mosslemian.

POSTER HAYE TEATR, 1348-1384”(Theater Posters: 1969-2005), Haft Rang Publications.
GOZIDE YE AASAR: (Selected Graphic Designs of Haghighi: Posters, Logos, Book Covers,…
1969-2006), Nazar Publications.

Individual exhibition of calligraphic paintings, Day Gallery.

First Prize (Modern Approach)Winner of Sharjah Biennial for the Art of Calligraphy
Haghighi held an exhibition of his works in Dubai’s 4 Wall Gallery in June.
He displayed his new calligraphic illustrations in Day Gallery during November 22 – December 1 where he had selected 23 poems by Hafez.
A tribute to Haghighi for 40 years of work was held in the IRI Academy of Arts on November 16; Mohammad Ehssayi, Bahram Kalhornia, Mostafa Assadolahi, and Amrolah Farhadi were among the speakers in this event.
He participated in the Sharjah Calligraphy Biennale and received the First Prize of the Innovation Section.

MASHG HAYE KHAT NAKHORDE (Homeworks Not Checked by the Teacher), Markaz Publications.
These short stories are in a sense a memoirs of Haghighi’s childhood.
Markaz Press published his book Mashghayeh Khatnakhordeh (Homeworks Not Checked by the Teacher). These short stories are in a sense a memoirs of Haghighi’s childhood.
He made the short film Sefreh 1 (Book 1).
He was elected as an Honorary Member of the Cultural Heritage Photographers Association.
An exhibition of his posters was held in Cyprus’ Eastern Mediterranean University.

ROO BE ROO (Face-to-Face: Conversation of Ebrahim Haghighi and Morteza Momayez), KhojastehPublications.
Haghighi presented his photographs of 1969-1974 under the title of Aksayeh Safar (Photographs of Travels) in Day Gallery. 
The book Roo be Roo: Goftegooyeh Ebrahim Haghighi ba Morteza Momayez (Face-to-Face:
Conversation of Ebrahim Haghighi and Morteza Momayez) was published by Khojasteh Press. While having been a member of the Founding Board of the Iranian Theater Poster Designers Association, he was elected as the Chair of the Board.
He made the films Dar Setayesheh 70 Salegi (Commemorating Being 70) to be screened in the tributes for Idin Aghdashloo, Mohammad Ehssayi, and Abbas Kiarostami and Hameyeh Medad
Rangihayeh Man (All My Color Pencils) for the tribute of Ahmad-Reza Ahmadi.
He was the art director of the book Ketabeh Aali: Gozideyeh Assareh Ahmad Aali (The Aali Book: 
Selected Works of Ahmad Aali) published by Nazar Press.
He took part in the group exhibition of posters in the Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus and delivered a speech.
He was a juror of the Promotion Materials Section of the 14th Feast of the House of Cinema. 

HARFHAYE TEKRARI (Repetitious Words) including a collection of his articles, Did Publications.
Deed Press published Haghighi’s Harfayeh Tekrari (Repetitious Words) including a collection of his articles.
He held his second exhibition of photographs under the title of Hassrateh Dornaha (The Longing of Cranes) in the Iranian House of Artists Momayez Gallery, June 11-16. The Photos in this series were taken in the greenhouse of the Istanbul City Garden with the title of the exhibition inspired by an Ahmad Shamloo poem.
He made a film of a conversation with Idin Aghdashloo in November on the occasion of the publication of his book 100 Sal Elan va Postereh Film dar Iran (100 Years of Fim Posters and Trailers in Iran).
He became a member of the Iranian Society of Architectural Treasures.
He was a juror of the Promotion Materials Section of the 15th Feast of the House of Cinema.

Haghighi was elected as a juror of the 30th Fajr Theater Festival Poster Section in January.
He began teaching a course on poster design in Cyprus’ Eastern Mediterranean University.
A collection of his photos titled Tabiateh Bijan (Still Life) was put on display in Aran Gallery during April 21 – May 4. 
He was a juror in the 1st Flag Festival Poster Section.
His Sefreh 1 (Book 1) photography collection was presented in the Isfahan Otagheh Abi Gallery, December 15-20.
He joined the Veteran Artists Institute.
He was a member of the Board of Founders and Board of Directors of the Common Heritage Studies Institute.
The Ministry of Islamic Guidance and Culture Council of Evaluation of Artists awarded Haghighi the Prime Art Degree (the equivalent of a doctorate).

HAGHIGHI BOOK (Selection of Works 1969-2013), Nazar Publications.
Haghighi was a juror and the Secretary of the 1st International Festival of Prophet Mohammad with the theme of designing the logotypes of “Mohammad Rassoololah” (Mohammad the Messenger of Allah).
He was a juror of the 9th Annual Exhibition of Posters with the Names of Allah.
On October 7, the Municipality of Tehran. Department of Culture and Art held a birthday gathering for Haghighi in Imam Ali Museum. The event A Special Day with Ebrahim Haghighi: Up, Close, and Personal was held on October 11 in Vijeh Art School where his works were on display and Hooshang Golmakani and Majid Abbassi delivered speeches.
A collection of his calligraphic illustrations under the title of Man va Matisse va Khayam (Me and Matisse and Khayam) was held in Golestan Gallery, October 18-23.
Featured in the publication of “Haghighi’s Book: A Selection of Works from 1969 to 2013” by Nazar Publications, alongside a review of his works at the Sabz Negar Art Gallery.

Presented the sixth calligraphy exhibition on the poems of Hafez, titled “Wrong Role” at Gallery A.

Showcased the solo exhibition “Cloud House” featuring photographs and serigraphs at Golestan Gallery.
Displayed calligraphy art at Sohrab Gallery.
A ceremony was held in honor of Ebrahim Haghighi at the 37th Fajr Film Festival.

Exhibited calligraphy pieces at the Art Center Gallery.
Organized an online exhibition “Coronism” for Golestan Gallery during the coronavirus pandemic.
Served as a jury member for the advertising competition section of the 36th Fajr Film Festival.

Conducted a poster exhibition and workshop at the Eastern Mediterranean University of North Cyprus.
Published the second edition of the book “Akkashi” featuring photographs by Maryam Zandi with paintings by Ebrahim Haqiqi, contributions by Behzad Hatam, Hadi Chapardar, and Bina Sarkar, Eliyas, Haft Rang Publications.
Presented a pastel painting exhibition titled “Longing” at Etemad Gallery.

Held an exhibition of Calligraphy design Carpets at Etemad Gallery in May.