Sepideh Nouri

Following her studies in graphics, design, and cinema, she decided to expand into sculpture. She decided on this expressive medium for its three-dimensional aspects and the possibility of watching the work from all angles. She is mainly interested in figures that express unrest, wars, man-to-man fighting, and challenges among human beings, whether at the macro policy level between countries or at the level of individual conflicts. After completing classical and contemporary art history courses, she added the element of color to her sculptures so that the dividing line between painting and sculpture would dwindle. Her technical expertise is working with materials, discovering the potential expressive power of raw materials, and how they fall into place in the composition of sculptures. The theme of her new works is to concentrate on the roots of creation, birth, and continuity of mankind.

Born in 1981 in Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions:
2020    Copulation, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018    Ring and Tin, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2016    The Armed Nightmare, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitions: 
2020    Resilience: Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020    Zoorkhooneh: E1 Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran 
2019    Sculpture Exposition: Arte Design Gallery, Tehran, Iran 
2019    International Art For Peace Festival: Baroque Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran 
2019    Tir Art Fair: Charset Complex, Tehran, Iran 
2019    Neoexpersionism: Shirin Gallery, Tehran, Iran 
2019    Self-portrait, passport: Jaleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran 
2018    International art for peace festival: Mellat gallery and cineplex 
2018    Imagine imagination: idea gallery, Tehran, Iran 
2018    Trends and approaches in contemporary art: Mellat Gallery and Cineplex 
2018    1001 plates: Iranshahr Gallery, Tehran, Iran 
2017    Havas Angiz: Shokouh Gallery, Tehran, Iran 
2016    Blue gold: Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran 
2016    White: Jaleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran 
2016    Sculptures: Did gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015    Ready-to-Wear Sculptures, Seyhoun Gallery 2, Tehran, Iran
2014    Raad Visual Arts Expo, Raad Charity, Tehran, Iran
2013    Haft Negah, Niavaran Cultural Canter, Tehran, Iran
2013    The Art Walk of Tehran, Saad Adad Palace, Tehran, Iran
2012    Zarak Small Sculptors and Jewelry, Mahe Mehr Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2012    Zarak Jewelry, Dar Al Funoon Gallery, Kuwait
2012    Medal Exhibition, London, England
2011    Arak Small Sculptures and Jewelry, Mah Mehr Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2011    The 3rd Generation & Parviz Tanavoli, Farvahar Gallery, Tehran, Iran