Omid Masoumi

Born in 1984 in Tehran

B.A in Graphic Design from Sooreh University

Solo Exhibitions:
2021 “scent of a simple triangle”   Choom Gallery, Bandar e Anzali, Iran
2017 “There There” Delgosha Gallery Tehran Iran   
2014 Etemad Gallery (Gravity), Tehran, Iran
2013 Etemad Gallery (Clash), Tehran, Iran
2011 Etemad Gallery (Animal Fort), Tehran, Iran
2009 Etemad Gallery (The Smell Of Joke), Tehran, Iran

Selected Group Exhibitions:
2019 Tabestaneh, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019 Mr & Ms.painter. Farmanfarma Gallery Tehran, Iran
2018 Delgosha Gallery “Badha”, Tehran, Iran
2017 Harandi Gallery “43 visions“ Book Launch
2017 Saless Galery, 96’s Crowing Rooster, Tehran, Iran
2016 Dena Gallery, Group Exhibition, (Curated By Shahin Mohamadi), Tehran, Iran
2015 Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2015 Harandi Gallery
2014 Laleh june Gallery Born In Tehran,Swiss (Basel)
2014 Niavaran Cultural Center, Salvation Gaza,Tehran, Iran
2014 Shirin Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014 Mohsen Gallery Art For Peace, Tehran, Iran
2012 Seyhoun Gallery.Tehran, Iran
2012 Tarahan e Azad Gallery Final Encore, Tehran, Iran
2012 Mohsen Gallery Crucifixion, Tehran, Iran
2012 Arte Gallery.Drawing as means of drawing.Tehran, Iran
2011 Etemad Gallery,13×18, Tehran, Iran
2010 Shirin Art Gallery. Tehran, Iran
2009 Carbon12gallery . Dubai, UAE
2008 Niavaran Art Creation Foundation, Tehran, Iran
2008 Carbon 12 gallery . Dubai, UAE
2008 The Brick Lane gallery, London, UK
2008 Lale June Gallery, Basel, Swiss
2008 Groupe exhibition in Kuwait
2007 Art space Galleries . London, UK
2007 Art London, Iran Heritage Foundation, London, UK
2005 Mah Gallery . Tehran, Iran
2005 Tarahan e azad gallery . Tehran, Iran
2004 Laleh Gallery, Tehran, Iran