Maryam Abedi

Maryam Abedi’s work proceeds from various experiences of setting things side by side: arrays of canvas pieces; the tradition of figurative and abstract painting; “feminine” and “masculine”; artistic conventions; painting, sculpture, and installation art; and collage and assemblage.
Her personal style preserves and cherishes traditional achievements of painting, rendering them with reverent care and insight. Her allusion to the act of painting is also evident in her coloring technique: She supplements an abstract structure with textures and brush strokes of traditional figurative oil painting, thus bringing together painterly and minimal attitudes. The boundaries between categories of artistic conventions are blurred and discarded as a new approach emerges which is simultaneously modest and assertive. It evokes patchworks and suzanis on the one hand, and Baroque tones and hues on the other, thereby conjuring up humble needlework and grand historical art at the same time. All these can be placed together and produce novel patterns and significances by means of a method that seeks to provide ample opportunities to continue the ancient painting tradition through a reunion with another age-old tradition: carpet-making and its full internal vigor.

Born in 1986, Maryam Abedi grew up in Tehran, Iran. After artistic studies at University of Tehran (2010), She moved to New York to continue her studies at The Graduate School of Figurative Arts of New York (2012). Besides being an artist, Maryam Abedi pursued an MA in museum studies from Tehran University of Art (2019). Her works has been regularly exhibited, notably in solo and group exhibitions in Iran, such as Iranshahr and Assar gallery in Tehran, Jochen Hempel Gallery in Germany and Simine Paris in France. 

Solo Exhibitions:
2024 Etemad Gallery, The Sonnet of Bistoon, Tehran, Iran
2023 Jochen Hempel Gallery, Colorodo projects, Leipzig, Germany
2022 Assar Art Gallery, If Like the Lord, I Had Control Over the Firmament …, Tehran, Iran
2019 Iranshahr Gallery, Ragchin, Tehran, Iran
2017 Iranshahr Gallery, Piecing Together, Tehran, Iran
2016 Iranian Artist Forum, Dead Palette, Tehran, Iran

Group Exhibitons:
2024 Simine Paris, Terre et Matieres, Paris, France
2021 Jochen Hempel Gallery, We are not sure if the show will still be open tomorrow, Leipzig, Germany
2019 Iranian Artist Forum, 95/97, Tehran, Iran
2019 Museum of the Qasr Prison, International Festival of Visual Arts, Tehran, Iran
2018 Alte Handelsschule, The Pool, Leipzig, Germany2015 Golestan Gallery, 100 Works, 100 Artists, Tehran, Iran 
2011 New York Academy of Art, Deck the wall, New York, USA
2011 Golestan Gallery, 100 Works, 100 Artists, Tehran, Iran
2010 Mohsen Gallery, Window, Tehran, Iran 

2023 ARCO Art Fair, Madrid, Sapin 
2020 Teer Art Fair, Tehran, Iran

Public Installation and Speaking:
2023 Historic Museums and Contemporary Art, Museum Pun, Malek Museum and Library

Selected Press:
2023 Shargh Daily Newspaper
2023 Tajrobeh Magazine,16th issue.
2023 Shargh Daily Newspaper
2021 Shargh Daily Newspaper
2020 Honar Negar Magazine, 1st issue
2019 Onlineartgallery news
2017 Avam Magazine