Hossein Azadi

Born in 1979 in Hamedan, Iran

2005     Painting B.A., University of Art, Tehran, Iran

Solo Exhibitions:
2023     “Prison of the Soul” Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2020     “Crumpled” Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018     “Dreamless” Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
1999     Solo installation, 66 Gallery, Tehran, Iran

Group exhibitions:
2023     Fast forward 3, Freya/Espinosa Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2023     Birthing, Etemad Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2023     Boundless, Rischee 29 Art Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2022     Group exhibition, Pelak Sefr Gallery, Hamedan, Iran
2021     Group exhibition, Saba Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2021     The discourse of Persian art & Contemporary Iranian art, China
2021     The First Bbonart’s Exhibition, Tehran, Iran
2021     Group exhibition, Art land Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019     3rd Figurative sculpture exhibition, Iranshahr gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019     Tow portraits, Evian gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019     The Third Sculpture Expo of Iran, Tehran, Iran
2019     Eetemad gallery, Tehran, Iran
2019     Hoor gallery, Tehran, Iran
2018     Asia House, London, UK
2017     Khak Gallery, Tehran, Iran 
2016     Iranian artists House, Tehran, Iran
2016     Niavaran cultural center (Urban arts week), Tehran, Iran
2015     Collaboration with Bita Fayazi (Four years, Four projects), Neauphle-le-Château house, Tehran, Iran
2014    Iranomutomorphosis.net (contemporary artists from Iran), Italy
2014     “Ra’d” Visual Arts Expo, “Ra’d” charity foundation, Tehran, Iran
2009     Magic of Persia exhibition, Dubai, U.A.E
1998     Kharazmi Festival, Hamedan, Iran 
1998     Pirnia Visual Arts Festival, Yazd, Iran
1997     Group exhibition, Hamedan, Iran