Farshid Mesghali

Hailing from the artistic heart of Iran, Meghali, born in Isfahan in 1943, embarked on a journey through the spectrum of artistry. After studying painting at Tehran University, he ventured into graphic design and illustration in 1964.
In 1968, Mesghali’s path led him to the Institute for the Intellectual Development of Children and Young Adults in Tehran, where his creative prowess flourished. The 1970s saw him crafting award-winning animated films, evocative film posters, and enchanting children’s book illustrations. His indelible mark on children’s literature earned him the Hans Christian Andersen Medal in 1974.
A new chapter unfolded in 1979 when he moved to Paris, creating an array of captivating paintings and sculptures showcased at the Sammy King Gallery. In 1986, he set up his graphic design studio, Desktop Studio, in Southern California, USA. From 1990 to 1994, Meghali’s digital artworks, born from snapshot photos, graced galleries and the L.A. County Museum of Modern Arts.
Today, this esteemed artist continues to breathe life into paintings, sculptures, and immersive installations from his studio, carrying forward a legacy of creativity and vision

Mesghali’s artistic journey has graced prestigious venues worldwide, including Tehran, Paris, Los Angeles, Amsterdam’s Stedelijk Museum, and Bratislava Museum. His creations also found a place of honor within the Los Angeles County Museum of Contemporary Arts.

1968 First Graphic Prize, Sixth International Children Books’ Fair in Bologna, for “Little Black Fish”1968 Honorary Diploma, Bratislava Biannual, Czechoslovakia, for “Little Black Fish”1971 Honorary Diploma, Bologna Book Fair for “Hero”1973 Special Prize, Venice Film Festival, for “The Boy, The Bird & The Musical Instrument”1974 “Hans Christian Anderson Award” for his contribution to children’s books illustration1974 Special Prize, Cannes Film Poster Exhibition1975 Special Prize, Moscow Film Festival, Short Films for Children for “Look Again1975 Grand Prize, Giffoni Film Festival, Italy for “Look Again1977 3rd prize Biennial of Warsaw, Poland1985 Noma Awards for “My Hedge Hog, My Doll and I”2013 Selected as one of world masters by “World Masters Committee Korea”

Jury member:
Annecy animation films festival, Bologna children’s books exhibition,  Bratislava Czech republic illustration exhibition, & many Iranian  Sculpture, Painting, Graphic, Illustration biennials and films festivals.

A selection of the book of his graphic work, and book of the selection of his sculptures, He is the writer of 3 books about Graphic Design, Typography & Illustration also.