Born: Tehran – Iran

Based in Tehran since 2014


Evening course

2009                 Art history & civilization course,

2011-2013       Work on gallery (JN Art gallery, Working for different collector 

(Experience on auction-and research for origin and expertise old painting.)

2005-2008       Art history course for beginners.

Solo Exhibitions:

2021                 Figures of Speech / Etemad Gallery, Tehran-Iran

2018                 Accidental Renaissance/ Etemad Gallery, Tehran-Iran.

Group Exhibitions:

2021                 Group Show (what the Pop), Sales Gallery, Tehran-Iran.

2017                 Group show exhibition Sales Gallery, Tehran-Iran.

2016                 Blue and gold /group show / Etemad Gallery, Tehran-Iran.

2006                 Musée Privé (February), Paris-France.

Experience on African Art:

2014-2018       Work on project Accidental Renaissance.

2014-2015       Course neon light.

2008-2009       Study photography.

2007-2010       Study on the historical cultural and social significance of African art (Baoulé, 

Yoruba, and 2007 African mask.


My work and style is the fusion of words, symbol, stick figures, and part of human body 

It‘s the emergence of new art movement ( graffiti -neon light ), Neo-Expressionism.